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MS | Leaf Relief - The Soothing Qualities of Raspberry Tea

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In the spring, when Maine's wild raspberries sprout fresh leaves, herbal enthusiasts have been known to slip on wellies, grab some shears and head into the brush. Legend has it that new growth provides the most inspiring attributes of a plant, but leaves harvested any time of the growing season are better than none at all.

With delicate hands, as the chest-high bushes have thorns, the most vibrant greens may be gathered. Leaves can be brought inside and placed into baskets and wooden bowls, away from light and moisture.

After several weeks, when the harvest is dry and delicate, the raspberry leaves may be steeped in hot water for 5-ish minutes. When the fibers are strained, the resulting flavor is grassy and wholesome with a color to match. The feeling is relief, as this particular plant has been said to quail symptoms like cramps and irritability.

*Note - This post is not intended to provide medical guidance. It is advisable to reference a licensed health professional before making changes to one's physical and/or mental lifestyle.

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