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MS | Let Us Bake Bread

In Vacationland, there are few foods more comforting than bread. And, during these uncertain times, we've found ourselves soothing our souls with a fresh homemade loaf as often as possible.

Our recipe is simple, sometimes spiced-up with dried herbs and/or seeds from the kitchen garden, but mostly about five ingredients or less. The process takes roughly three and a half hours but it's totally worth it. The scent and heat from the stove warms your heart and home and there's nothing quite as beautiful as a table filled with baked goodness. Because we don't use preservatives, we slice the bread as needed and, after three days, cut and freeze the remaining loaf.

As usual, if you're in need of proper instructions, we recommend reaching out to a family member or friend. They'll be flattered you thought of them and sentimental recipes always taste better. Best of baking luck and remember - practice makes perfect!

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