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Style Quiz: What's your Vacationland vibe?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Maine isn't exactly known as a fashion mecca, but there's no denying the Pine Tree State has style. In fact, it has several. Take MS' trend test and define your Vacationland vogue...

Your perfect pants are...

A.) Distressed denim

B.) Salmon pink

C.) Overalls

D.) Drying in the back of your car

E.) Lined

What is your idea of a good time?

A.) Bar hopping

B.) Sailing away

C.) Harvesting happiness

D.) Riding a wave and/ or chairlift

E.) Being one with nature

Your favorite top is...

A.) A graphic t-shirt

B.) A flipped collared polo

C.) Handmade

D.) Plaid

E.) Camouflaged

When is the most wonderful time of the year?

A.) Whenever there isn't a parking ban

B.) Summer

C.) Spring through fall

D.) Snow or swell spells

E.) Hunting and/ or fishing season

Home is...

A.) A two story walk-up

B.) Nautical themed

C.) Acres of farmland

D.) Where the boards are

E.) A cabin in the woods

What is your favorite footwear?

A.) Biker boots

B.) Boat shoes

C.) Wellies

D.) Flip-flops

E.) Muck boots

The best music is...

A.) Live

B.) Classical

C.) Folk

D.) Reggae

E.) Country

What's your ideal mode of transportation?

A.) Public

B.) A Land Rover

C.) A bicycle

D.) Anything with a board rack

E.) A four-wheel drive truck

Your drink of choice is...

A.) Made by a mixologist

B.) Wine

C.) Local mead

D.) Craft beer

E.) Whiskey

Your wardrobe is mostly...

A.) Black

B.) Stripped

C.) Secondhand

D.) Suits (snow and/ or wet)

E.) Hunter orange

Your favorite style bag is...

A.) Messenger

B.) Designer

C.) Tote

D.) Back-pack

E.) Fanny

What material is most of your clothing made of?

A.) Denim

B.) Cashmere

C.) Organic cotton

D.) Neoprene

E.) Flannel

Which word best describes you?

A.) Edgy

B.) Traditional

C.) Natural

D.) Laid-back

E.) Rugged

Mostly A's

Your Vacationland vibe is Salty City Slicker - gothic, grungy, and cool with just a touch of modern pirate. You're probably most at home in the coastal metropolis of Portland, Maine: land of tattoos, manicured mustaches, hair dye, ripped jeans, piercings, graphic tees and all-around eccentricity.

Shop these MS styles and embrace your independent, urban spirit...

* Black Bourgeois Beret -

* Wildes Oversized Faux Leather Carryall Purse Tote Bag -

* Dreamy Druzy + Black Clay Statement Finger Ring -


Mostly B's

Your Maine mold is LL Crew - classic, preppy, polished and, at times, even geeky. There's a good chance you enjoy shopping at J. Crew, LL Bean and other Freeport, Maine based outlet brands. Salmon pink shorts, boat shoes, side parts, dress shirts, woven cotton belts and anything ocean-themed are your staples.

Celebrate your conservative sea inspired style by shopping these MS items...

* Sweet Sea Shell Trinket Tray/ Soap Dish -

* Skylar Shell Pendant Silk Ribbon Necklace -

* Freja Ruffled Halter Top Blouse -

* Plain + Simple Lumberjack Long Sleeve Button Down Collared Shirt -


Mostly C's

Your New English appearance is Farmer's Marketer - laid-back, creative, casual, effortless, functional, understated and, most importantly, local. Your must-haves might include essential oils, leather sandals, overalls, art supplies, plant-based everything, a rake and a hoe and a piece of fertile ground.

Show your sustainable spirit with these Mallory Sophronia looks...

* Bancroft Bandana Scarf -

* Crystal Clear Herbal Soap Scrub Bath Bar -

* Verona Island Vintage Vine Basket With Handle -

* Flower + Herb Smudging Incense Bouquet -


Mostly D's

Your Vacationland vogue is Rad Rider - fit, care-free and casual. You're probably most comfortable in low-maintenance apparel that's inspired by your athletic and nomadic lifestyle. Whether your hitting the slopes of Sugarloaf or surfing the waves of Higgins Beach, your effortless, slightly disheveled appearance is fun and ultimately super cool.

Find your resort style in these laid-back MS looks...

* Aloha Print Lumberjack Long Sleeve Button Down Collared Shirt -

* Panama Fringe Beach Blanket -

* Bananas Bandeau Bikini Top -

* Rollo Winter Surf Fleece Changing Robe -


Mostly E's

Your North Eastern style is Outdoor Enthusiast - functional, casual, layered and effortless. Your go-to looks might include hunter orange, camouflage, leather, flannel and fleece. Until now, brands like Kittery Trading Post (inspired by one of Mallory's ancestors) and Cabela's have probably been your shopping sources. But, it's time to experience Vacationland in a Maine-made brand.

Hunt down your MS outdoor inspired outfits that'll have you fishing for compliments...

* Wicked Warm Classic Mainer Beanie Hat -

* Iceland Fleece Turtleneck Pullover -

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