What Have You Hurd?

Updated: May 15, 2019

Meet The Coveted Colonial American Silversmith: Jacob Hurd, Mallory's distant paternal grandfather, featured at today's Metropolitan Museum.

Jacob Hurd's brand signature on his Two Handled Cup and Cover circa 1735. Image via MetMuseum.org

Most creatives dream of being exhibited at a major art museum. But, discovering your ancestors' works on display is nearly as exhilarating.

Ironically, Mallory recently begun studying her family's humble silverware collection. She ran her fingers along the slender spoons, stopping to notice the miniature engravings signifying metal content and brand. She adored the dinning accessories for their weight, smoothness and detail. She envisioned generations of ancestors setting their tables with this handcrafted flatware. But, it was beyond her imagination that one of her grandfathers could have been the inspiration for this very tableware and, thus, her lovely moment of familial time travel.

Jacob Hurd Silver circa 1730, as featured in The Met Museum. Image via MetMuseum.org

Craftsman, Jacob Hurd was born near Boston, Massachusetts around 1700. Within a few decades, Captain Hurd would become the areas most admired silversmith among the colony's privileged citizens. While producing over 500 works, Jacob also managed to serve and lead his community in the Massachusetts militia.

You can discover more about Jacob Hurd and his heartening life and silver creations by visiting New York City's Met Museum in-person or online at MetMuseum.org

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