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MS was first drawn to this book because of the volume's classic New English tale, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Mallory's family has several ties to Hawthorne's via the Salem Witch Trials of 1692).  Cooincidentally, this edition also features many other incredible works not listed on the binding including The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, Beethoven's Letters to his "Immortal Beloved", as celebrated in the first Sex And The City movie, and more!  Whether you're a lover of literature or vintage decor, this book is a romantic and historic must.  Display this compilation on the coffee table as a lovely conversation piece or share this gift with your favorite bookworm.


* Printed in America circa 1956

* Hard copy

* Grolier was founded by Walter Jackson in the early 1900's as an educational publishing company

* Hand selected and curated in Vacationland - Maine, USA

* Classic style adds sophistication to any interior

* Maroon in color with black and gold detailing

* Wonderfully worn

* Elevate your mind and tabletop

* Dimensions - 9 1/4'' height, 6 1/4'' width

Ever Ours - Grolier Classics Vintage Edition: The Scarlet Letter...

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