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Mallory Sophronia is a New English retailer offering charming clothing, accessories and decor - inspired by history, nature and the perpetual holiday.  MS fashions are carefully and ethically handcrafted and/ or curated over days, weeks and sometimes months to be treasured for generations.  In addition, to increase sustainability - limited edition Mallory Sophronia items are created and/ or selected in small batches, often with locally sourced materials from Vacationland - Maine, USA.



The distant granddaughter of one of Maine's first European traders, Mallory's New English retailing roots stretch back to the 1600's.  For roughly 400 years, the designer's family has contributed to Vacationland's fashion industry via ownership, management and/ or supplying to farms, mills and retailers across the state.     

In 2003, Mallory's inherent career began while earning her BFA in Fashion and Advertising at Syracuse University.  During that time, the young creator was honored as a Teens In Fashion finalist, held several internships with multiple design related agencies and apprenticed abroad with internationally known artist, David Cohen. 


Upon graduating Cum Laude in 2007, Mallory launched her own line of domestically produced and environmentally conscious women's apparel and accessories.  The brand was labeled Mallory Sophronia, a melodic combination of her birth name and that of her far back grandmothers'.  One year later, Mallory's creative and entrepreneurial endeavors landed her a spot as a Project Runway alternate.  In 2014, after years of exploring and gathering inspiration from cities like Phoenix, St. Louis, Manhattan and Honolulu, Mallory returned to Vacationland to open her first brick-and-mortar store.  The designer's flagship location offered sustainable women’s, men's and kid's clothing, accessories and swimwear, all inspired by her travels while still celebrating the nature and history of her home state. 


Today, in keeping with sustainability, Mallory's designs are sold primarily online and at private trunk shows to customers from Vacationland and beyond.  When Mallory and her partner are not traveling, she is happily handcrafting and promoting her wares from the MS studio, in the woods of Maine. 



1.)  Fall in love with MS' one-of-a-kind, new and vintage styles from Vacationland.

2.)  MS will prioritize you and your order and begin carefully handcrafting and/ or preparing your special design.

3.)  Your eco-friendly item, handmade and/ or curated just for you, is wrapped in signature MS packaging and delivered to your door.

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