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Each crystal in MS' jewelry line is handpicked for its energy and allure.  Carnelian stones are linked with zodiac fire signs and thought to stimulate creativity and a feeling of emotional warmth.  Wear this magical accessory as a necklace, bracelet, anklet, key chain or simply carry as a worrystone for peace and motivation.


* Two-sided pendant allows stone to sit directly on wearers skin for optimal empowerment

* Hand-sculpted gold polymer clay is carefully molded to create a lovely hammered metal feel that is unique to each pendant

* Gold clay setting envelopes hand selected and polished gem

* Organic gem shape and size varies with every piece but is generally .75'' to 1.75'' in length and .5'' to 1'' in width

* Includes one-of-a-kind vintage raw edged band that allows wearer to tie crystal as/where desired

* Non-conductive clay and silk allow wearer to truly experience the magic of the stone

* Treat your MS piece with care.  It is best to spare your jewelry from extreme temperatures, pressures and chemicals.  Clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.

* Produced by happy hands in Vacationland - Maine, USA

Clementine Carnelian Stone +Gold Sculpted Clay Pendant Necklace

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