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MS naturally grows these delightful flower and herb aromatic burning bouquets in the woods of Vacationland - Maine, USA.  After months of sunshine, rain and love the most wonderful petals and leaves are handpicked and wrapped into magical bundles that, once dry, are ready for cleansing any spirit or item.


* A lovely, seasonal mix of organic, Maine grown flowers and herbs like rose, sage, chamomile, plaintain and more that change with the seasons

* Wrapped with eco-friendly hemp cording

* About 6'' - 8'' long and 1''- 2'' wide

* Naturally grown flowers and herbs

* Always attend lit item and only burn on a heat safe surface (see MS' vintage metal trays) that is away from flamable materials

* Please be sure to fully extinguish your bundle after each session


Flower + Herb Smudge Incense Bouquet Wand

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