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Mallory Sophronia's I Love Me Faux Fur Jacket is a combination of 90's chic and 70's shag.  Vacationland chickadees, everywhere are keeping cute and cozy in their MS outerwear.

* One-of-a-kind
* Produced by happy hands in Vacation Land - Kennebunkport, Maine, USA
* Handmade of locally sourced, overstocked materials
* Short sleeves
* Dry clean only
* Lined
* Reversible - can be worn with fur or flannel as the shell
* Hand stamped emblem at center back of lining
* Open at front
* V at center back
* MS creations are subject to growth and change and depend upon small batch determinants such as fabric availability. As a result, your Mallory Sophronia order may reflect a more unique design than that featured in the store. Lucky you! ✫

I Love Me Faux Fur Jacket

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