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Mallory Sophronia's Pegasus Pink Granite Stone + Gold Clay Sculpted Pendant Necklace offers both spiritual and stylish enlightenment.  MS' tumbled granite semi-precious stones originate from solidified lava, deep in the ground.  Fiery temperatures often create light reflecting druzy crystals within the granite that are subtly stunning.  Ancient cultures believed that wearing this vibrant mineral would encourage balance and stability.


* Two-sided pendant allows stone to sit directly on wearers skin for optimal empowerment

* Hand-sculpted gold polymer clay is carefully molded to create a lovely hammered metal feel that is unique to each pendant

* Gold clay setting envelopes hand selected and polished gem

* Organic gem shape and size varies with every piece but is generally .75'' to 1.75'' in length and .5'' to 1'' in width

* Each pendant is thread with black silk ribbon and finished with slip knot closures

* Gently pull on silk slip knots to adjust length of necklace to your desire

* Non-conductive clay and silk allow wearer to truly experience the magic of the stone

* While this is a long-lasting and durable stone, it is important to treat your MS piece with care.  It is best to spare your jewelry from extreme temperatures, pressures and chemicals.  Clean with warm, soapy water and a soft cotton cloth.

* Produced by happy hands in Vacationland - Maine, USA

Pegasus Pink Granite Stone + Gold Clay Sculpted Pendant Necklace

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