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A fashion label founded in Vacationland, Mallory Sophronia drew from New English lore to create this enchanting accessory.  It has been said that hundreds of years ago, wise individuals wore small pouches like these to hold their most private and/or powerful objects.  Today, in keeping with legend, MS' Mini Medicine Bag is hand-sewn in reclaimed leather to carefully conceal your sacred little treasures. 


* Reclaimed leather is sourced in small batches, can have imperfections and may differ in tone and/ or texture

* Produced by happy hands in Vactionland - Maine, USA

* See professional for cleaning

* Leather drawstring closures

* Similar to a coin purse

* Wear around wrist, belt loop or on the handle of a larger purse

* Unlined

* Small pouch shape

* One-of-a-kind small bucket bag

* Signature hand-sculpted clay emblem sewn into center front

* Compliments tonal outfits

* Must-have micro bag


Samoset Reclaimed Leather Mini Drawstring Purse Medicine Bag Pouch

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