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MS' Naugatuck Vintage Silver Candle Holder - Risdon Mfg. Co. is perfect for celebrating all occassions and also makes a wonderful gift.  Add warmth to any setting with this one-of-a-kind metallic silver home accessory.  Create a festive tabeltop that guests are sure to admire with Mallory Sophronia's home accessories.


* Made in Naugatuck, Connecticut, USA by Risdon Manufacturing Co.

* "The Risdon Manufacturing Company, established in Naugatuck, Connecticut around 1910, began by producing safety pins. Local housewives and children were often hired to attach the pins to cardboard for easy sale. Risdon became the manufacturer of total packaging for cosmetics, personal, household and other consumer products and home sewing notions such as common pins, needles, snaps and other accessories. It is now the Crown Risdon Co., headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut." - Wikipedia

* Hand selected and curated in Vacationland - Maine, USA

* Simple style adds understated charm to any interior

* Wonderfully worn and terrifically tarnished

* Elevate your tabletop

* Hand clean only, dry promptly

* Dimensions - 1 3/4'' height, 3 3/4'' wide (at base)

Naugatuck Vintage Silver Candle Holder - Risdon Mfg. Co.

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