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MS Closet to Covet

Closet Circumstances to Covet

Designer bouquets that bring any space to life

Mallory Sophronia designer dried flower bouqets
Winter Woods Sunrise

Views you'll want to see, morning and night

Cooking with recipes of late loved-ones

Cooking with recipes of late loved-ones
How to dry flowers and herbs

MS' approach to drying flowers and herbs

The soothing qualities of raspberry tea

Raspberry Leaf Harvest
The dramatic amaranth plant

The appeal of the dramatic amaranth

Earthenware that elevates

Ceramic home decor
MS Crystal Pendants

Jewelry gems that inspire happiness

The cleansing power of immersing in nature

Maine Ferns, Forrest Baths
MS Yarrow Herbal Flowers

Meeting one of MS' favorite herbs


Some of MS' favorite pop-up shops

Margaritas MS style

How to make an MS margarita


Shop Mallory Sophronia’s one-of-a-kind charming clothing and accessories inspired by freedom, culture, nature and the perpetual holiday.  Limited edition MS fashions are carefully and ethically handcrafted over days, weeks and sometimes months to be treasured for generations.  In addition, Mallory Sophronia items are created in small batches, often with locally sourced materials from Vacationland - Maine, USA.


Discover New English style that's as romantic and unique as the seasons that encompass the region.  Original Mallory Sophronia tops, jewelry, bags, outerwear and more are designed in the woods of Maine to enchant and inspire.  From bed to beach and back to bed again, these are the feel-good looks that ladies and fellas long to wear all day.  Try MS' swimsuits as intimates and always be ready for a dip in the lake.


Order new arrivals from Mallory Sophronia today.  MS offers free shipping within the USA.

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